‘Congressional crackpot’ Paul Gosar slammed in local newspaper over involvement in racist caucus plans

GOP extremists in Congress have received harsh criticism after forming what has been called the Ku Klux Kaucus.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) received harsh criticism from Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts.

"Arizona's own Rep. Paul Gosar is teaming up with none other than Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to form the 'America First Caucus.' The great white hope of the Republican Party has put out a seven-page treatise outlining the group's platform, but I can save you the read. Immigrants out. Anglo-Saxons in," Roberts explained.

"Punchbowl News reported on the latest attempt to make America great again, one Anglo-Saxon at a time. When I heard about it, I knew without even looking that Arizona's biggest congressional crackpot would figure prominently in this crusade. Gosar has always lurked there on the party's dark outer fringe, but since President Donald Trump's loss he has become absolutely unhinged," she wrote.

Roberts noted Gosar recently attended a conference organized by white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

"Really, is it any surprise that Gosar would team up with QAnon Queen Greene, R-Ga., to form the America First Caucus?" she asked.

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