Christian author renounces his faith in emotional video: 'I love myself for the first time'
Paul Maxwell. (

A prominent Christian blogger has renounced his faith -- and says he's never felt happier.

Desiring God contributor Paul Maxwell, an author and former philosophy professor at Moody Bible Institute, tearfully told his Instagram followers that he's "not a Christian anymore" and looking forward to reconnecting with the people around him, reported FaithIt.

"I love you guys, and I love all the support and friendships I've built here [Instagram]," Maxwell said. "I think it's important to say that I'm just not a Christian anymore, and it feels really good. I'm really happy…I'm really happy."

Maxwell, author of The Trauma of Doctrine: New Calvinism, Religious Abuse, and the Experience of God, joins a number of other Christian influencers in renouncing or walking away from their faith, including musician Jon Steingard and author Joshua Harris.

"I can't wait to discover what kind of connection I can have with all of you beautiful people as I try to figure out what's next," Maxwell told his audience. "I love you guys. I'm in a really good spot. Probably the best spot of my life. I'm so full of joy for the first time. I love my life for the first time…and I love myself for the first time."

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