Right-wing OAN backtracks on its hosts' Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories
Paul Pelosi / Shutterstock

Hosts at right-wing network One America News last year helped lead the push to peddle conspiracy theories about the violent attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who was beaten by a hammer-wielding assailant in his own home.

However, after police released video of their response to the incident, OAN has now conceded that Pelosi was indeed assaulted by conspiracy theorist David DePape, who was most certainly not Pelosi's secret lover.

In a statement provided to CNN fact checker Daniel Dale, OAN wrote that "it's clear that an unwanted intruder with evil intent broke into the Pelosi home."

The network further praised Pelosi for his calmness under pressure in which he walked a fine line between "asking for immediate help without further aggravating a mentally disturbed intruder."

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The network concluded by saying, "We wish Mr. Pelosi a speedy and full recovery."

As Dale notes, OAN hosts last year "repeatedly promoted the most obviously false conspiracy theories about the attack on Paul Pelosi, including claims that it didn’t happen at all," before finally coming around to admitting it did happen after the release of the police footage.