NBC panel laughs out loud at Peggy Noonan when she says GOP 'should become a party that helps women'
NBC/screen grab

Guests on an NBC panel laughed out loud at conservative columnist Peggy Noonan after she suggested that Republicans should use the "victory" over abortion rights to become a "party that helps women."

During a discussion on Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd noted that there is Republican infighting about whether rape and incest victims should have a right to abortion.

"Some are going to want exceptions," Todd said of Republicans. "Is that going to survive primaries?"

"Look, you know what the Republican Party should do now?" Noonan asked. "It should use this victory, if you see it that way, to change itself and becomes a party that helps women."

At that point, the panel erupted in laughter.

"Alright," Todd said.

"Change its reputation!" Noonan exclaimed, "To a party that helps women and children, becomes responsible and supportive."

Watch the video below from NBC.