'Abnormal' Trump candidates repulsed voters by pushing 'constant yet meaningless conflict': WSJ's Peggy Noonan
Mehmet Oz and Donald Trump (Photom by Ed Jones for AFP)

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan has dropped a scathing new column dissecting former President Donald Trump's impact on the Republican Party.

In particular, she zeroes in on the multitude of candidates that Trump backed in competitive Republican primaries who then crashed and burned on election day.

"The weirdness of the Trump candidates -- their inexperience and fixations, their air of constant yet meaningless conflict, their sheer abnormality -- asked too much of voters, who said no," she writes.

Noonan said she hoped that the disastrous results of Tuesday's midterm elections would be a wakeup call for the party that it needs to find an alternative if it wants to have any hope of winning back the White House in two years.

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Even more importantly, Noonan said that the repercussions of a second Trump term for the United States would be nothing short of apocalyptic.

"A second term of this would be catastrophic, with him more bitter, less competent, surrounded by collapsed guardrails," she wrote. "He and his people once tried to stop the constitutionally mandated electoral vote certification by violently overrunning the U.S. Capitol. If America lets him back, he will do worse. And America knows."

Read the whole column here.