Pence aide: 'Chilling' Secret Service chaos made VP fear for his life on Jan. 6
Vice President Mike Pence. Image via Shutterstock.

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's "The ReidOut," former White House official Olivia Troye tore into the Secret Service. In particular, she emphasized the fear former Vice President Mike Pence had that the agents could go rogue and deliver him to the riot on January 6.

This comes as the Secret Service is accused by the office of the inspector general of deleting evidence from the day of the Capitol attack — which the agency denies.

"Dig into this a little bit more," said anchor Joy Reid. "Tony Ornato is working now in a pretty senior position on Trump's staff at that point. When the vice president expresses a lack of trust, certainly what it sounds like is a lack of confidence in the Secret Service agents who were trying to put him in that car, that is a problem national security-wise, but it also sounds like he might have understood that the Secret Service had, potentially, a political agenda."

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"Yes," said Troye. "I worked very closely with the Secret Service detail with Mike Pence. They are incredible law enforcement officers, but I will say this. One thing that I found incredibly chilling when I sat at the January 6th hearing, when Greg Jacob testified ... he did say that Mike Pence's response to the Secret Service agents was, yes, but you're not the one driving the car, and I found that detail striking to me because that's saying something right there, right? That means that he's like, it's not that I don't trust you, who has been with me this entire journey during this assignment, but it's more the fact that I — I don't trust that the person driving the car is not going to drive off to wherever it is."

Troye then dug into her personal experience with the people involved in the incident.

"That goes to a story, you know, that's been told ... by The Washington Post where General Kellogg actually went and supposedly spoke to Tony Ornato and said we're not going to move him. I know you guys. I know what you're capable of. Why would he say that to Tony Ornato, the Secret Service person? What would make him say that? I know General Kellogg well. He was actually my direct boss ... and I know he's very honest. He may not be honest publicly, but behind the scenes he called things out, and Tony Ornato apparently, when asked about the story, denied it or through his spokesperson said, you know, it was not accurate or denied it. I find it very curious that there's a certain behavior pattern that we've seen, and I think it's incredibly important, especially for the moment we're in for our country for people to come forward and tell the truth, especially the Secret Service."

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Olivia Troye on Pence's fear of Secret Service