Boogaloo supporter arrested outside trucker convoy encampment on gun charges
Video screengrab via 1st Responders Media

An adherent of "Boogaloo" — an anti-government movement that fetishize firearms and embraces civil war — was arrested on Thursday evening outside the entrance of the Hagerstown Speedway serving as a base camp for the group of truckers that has been making daily forays into Washington, DC to protest COVID restrictions for the past three weeks.

Brandon Glen Jackson, 28, is charged with two misdemeanor charges for carrying a loaded handgun, according to Maryland court records. He made an initial appearance in Washington County district court on Friday, and is currently being held pending a bond hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Jackson was previously involved in an armed standoff outside the Arizona state capitol. Undercover officers tailed Jackson and another man, Wesley Temple, from Jackson’s home in Scottsdale to the state capitol on Dec. 7, 2020, according to a report by 12 News in Phoenix.

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Police took Temple into custody, but Jackson, who was armed with a pistol, refused to cooperate. Armored trucks and a helicopter converged on the scene as officers pointed their service weapons at Jackson, before eventually firing a flashbang and taking him into custody. The FBI confirmed to 12 News that agents were present “as part of [an] ongoing federal investigation.” Footage from the 12 News broadcast shows that Jackson and Temple were both wearing Hawaiian shirts that are a signature of boogaloo and Jackson was wearing a hat with an igloo, also symbolic of the movement.

Jackson was arrested at 8:28 p.m. on Thursday by a state trooper after Maryland State Police responded to a trespassing complaint at the speedway. Following a heated argument between Jackson and another convoy participant, a trooper asked Jackson to step aside. The scene, which was livestreamed by the 1st Responders Media YouTube channel, shows one of the troopers cuffing his hands behind his back as Jackson complains to onlookers: “Are you seeing this? I’m being arrested for offending people. Like, if this isn’t proof sh*t’s going on, I don’t know what is.”

Another trooper can be seen pulling a belly band holster out of Jackson’s pants and unveiling a concealed pistol.

“So, that’s why,” the trooper says.

During an argument prior to Jackson’s arrest, the livestream shows him arguing with man identified as “Jersey.” Another streamer, who like Jackson was wearing a Hawaiian shirt accused “Jersey” of having shoved him during a prior confrontation at their camp. “Jersey,” in turn, accused the boogaloo adherents of being “super aggressive” and “hostile.”

As the argument escalated, Jackson lamented that “Jersey” had turned on them after they had seemed to find common ground.

“I agree with trying to defend this country,” “Jersey” said. “I do not agree with getting rid of the goddamn government.”

“And if the government is corrupt?” Jackson asked.

“If the government is corrupt, we gotta drain the swamp,” “Jersey said. “That’s why we’re here.”

“Exactly,” Jackson said. “Burn it down and rebuild it. Burn it down and rebuild it.”

Trucker convoy supporters argue about boogaloo

Earlier, as a swarm of streamers peppered Jackson with questions about his agenda and grievances, he said he and his crew had “been here from the beginning.” Later, he said, “I came in with the convoy from Arizona.” At another point in the argument, he suggested that he had joined even earlier, at the convoy’s launch in Adelanto, Calif.

Jackson and a man who goes by the nickname “Ricky Bobby” were both parked outside of the speedway on Thursday evening after having been previously kicked out of the convoy by security.

The 1st Responders Media livestream opens with a scene of “Ricky Bobby” standing atop a short school bus. Asked why he’s there, “Ricky Bobby” says he wants to ask “a couple of important questions, such as why assorted people have been kicked out, such as why there’s been a lack of transparency.”

“Ricky Bobby” can be seen during the stream conveying a request for Brandon to move his vehicle “so people can come in and out” and clapping his hand on Jackson’s shoulder as a show of support as he was speaking to a trooper.

The presence of the boogaloo contingent appears to be a source of tension within the trucker convoy encampment.

The 1st Responders Media stream also captures a different streamer interviewing “Ricky Bobby” and remarking that “the biggest debacle I’ve heard with the whole situation is something to do with boogaloo group,” and then suggesting, “You may need to publicly denounce any ties with that group.”

“Ricky Bobby” responded: “I’m not tied with them, but I do have brothers, people who I’ve brought into my home here, you know, who supported them. I don’t think that they are — I know that they aren’t an extreme organization. They go to events to make sure that the peace is maintained. You can do your research. If things get out of hand after they’re trying to keep things peaceful, then they’re there to protect the people. And I feel like I’m here to protect the people. I’m not a boog, but I can align with some of their ideas of, you know, protecting the people and trying to do right by the people.”

Boogaloo adherents have a history of attempting to coopt both the far-right and far-left through efforts to latch on to the COVID denialist movement by emphasizing libertarian values, while highlighting anti-police messaging to align with the Black Lives Matter movements. Due to both the boogaloo movement’s hyper-violent image and its ideological slipperiness, adherents have been greeted by suspicion by both the far right and left.

Responding to accusations from livestreamer Josh Fulfer that he’s a leftist, Jackson said he has volunteered for the Libertarian Party in Arizona and North Carolina.

Later, he said, “Black lives matter,” adding that he had recently attended a rally to support Breonna Taylor, a young woman killed by the police in Louisville, Ky. in 2020.

“Then you are a leftist!” Fulfer exclaimed.

“I support both sides,” Jackson said. “I’ve been at stop the steal rallies…. I’ve been part of multiple freedom events. I’m a gun rights activist. If you’d look at Arizona on my record, you’d know. Everybody from Arizona listening to this knows my record. I’m Brandon Jackson.

“I have a very good Libertarian voting record,” he added. “And I’m not a f***ing MAGA-tard. I’m not a hardcore authoritarian. I’m not a back-the-blue. I mean, these officers are doing their job and they’re doing great, but I hold people accountable. I’m a libertarian. I believe in freedom for all. I’m a free-market economics [supporter]. I believe in LGBT rights. And I’m a free-market capitalist…. I personally am an ancap — an anarcho-capitalist.”

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