'Literally don't understand what that means': Pete Buttigieg slams Marjorie Taylor Greene's attack on electric cars
Pete Buttigieg -- CNN screenshot

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded to fears of emasculation voiced by Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News.

Fox News personality Neil Cavuto read a quote from Greene at a Michigan Trump rally where she also called for imprisoning her political enemies.

Cavuto quoted Greene as saying, "Mr. Buttigieg is trying to emasculate the way we drive" by supporting electric vehicles.

"What did you think of her wording?" Cavuto asked Buttigieg.

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"I literally don't understand what that means," Buttigieg replied.

"I mean, my sense of manhood is not connected whether my vehicle is fueled by gasoline or whether it's fueled by electricity," he explained.

Cavuto asked if Buttigieg was "offended" by Greene's comments.

"Because even people who share her politics didn't share that view," the Fox host said.

"It was a strange thing to say," Buttigieg replied. "To be honest, there are other members of Congress that I pay more attention to when I'm think about opinions that really matter."

Watch the video below.

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