peter navarro
(Photo: U.S. Mission Photo/Eric Bridiers)

A former top adviser to President Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, appeared on the Fox network in his first interview since being arrested. While regular viewers of Tucker Carlson were ready to celebrate the Trump ally, others couldn't help but notice the pity party Navarro was holding.

Carlson introduced Navarro as a victim of the Democratic Party's "massive escalation" in the use of the judicial system for partisan revenge. In fact, any person who refuses to comply with a grand jury subpoena can be arrested for refusing to do so.

Carlson's assessment led many online to remark that if Navarro didn't want to get arrested he should have simply spoken to investigators. He's constitutionally allowed to plead his Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer, but he does have to comply with a subpoena.

The Fox host claimed Navarro's arrest was really all about promoting the Thursday hearing.