'You were the hero of January 6th!' Peter Navarro inadvertently implicates Steve Bannon while talking on his podcast
Steve Bannon (Twitter).

Former Trump official Peter Navarro on Thursday inadvertently implicated Steve Bannon in the events of January 6th during an appearance on his podcast.

Navarro was on Bannon's podcast to talk about the new revelations exposed by the House Select Committee investigating the riots at the United States Capitol.

In particular, Navarro tried to dispute the idea that former President Donald Trump was responsible for the violent rioting -- but then he implicated Bannon instead.

"January 6th, this whole notion that little Jamie Raskin's got that somehow, President Trump wanted to do an insurrection," Navarro said dismissively before pointed to Bannon and saying, "You were the hero of January 6th!"

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The former Trump trade adviser then explained what he meant when he gave credit to Bannon for the events of that day.

"You were the guy who had the... strategy to go up to Capitol Hill," he said. "Pence is the quarterback, we had a 100 people working on the... team... who were going to make sure we remanded the results back to the battleground states."

Bannon has been indicted by the Department of Justice on criminal contempt charges after he flatly refused to comply with the House Select Committee's subpoenas.

Watch the video below.