'Horrific': Tennessee cops accused of giving Black man an 'animalistic' beating

Police in Oakland, Tennessee are being accused of deploying excessive force in their efforts to arrest 25-year-old resident Brandon Calloway.

Local news station WREG reports that police say they began pursuing Calloway after he allegedly ran a stop sign while driving in his car, and then refused to pull over for them.

Calloway eventually led the officers to his house, where he defiantly walked away while insisting that he did not run the stop sign.

After he went inside his house, officers kicked the door in and deployed tasers against him in an attempt to subdue him. When this failed to work, they then hit him repeatedly with batons.

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He was then arrested and charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and speeding.

Attorney Andre Wharton, who is representing Calloway, said his client had to get multiple stitches in the wake of the beating, and that he now has limited visibility as a result of multiple blows to the face.

"Brandon was assaulted in a brutal fashion," he told WREG. "I describe it as animalistic. The pictures are horrific. He’s fortunate to be here to stand up and express through his presence here he wants to see some accountability."

Shelby County Commissioner and NAACP President Van Truner similarly said there was no justification for the level of force police used in making the arrest.

“Take our young black men into custody like you take other folks into custody, without one scratch, without harm and let them have their day in court,” he said.

Watch video below or at this link.