A Republican candidate in Texas is facing backlash after posing semi-nude atop an oil "pump jack" in a Super Bowl campaign ad posted on TikTok.

Sarah Stogner is running for a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, a powerful regulatory board that oversees the Lone Star State's oil and gas industry.

"They said I needed money. 🤣 I have other assets," Stogner wrote on Twitter above the video ad, which was originally posted on TikTok.

"My goal is to draw attention to the issues," Stogner added. "Use social media or it will use you. Next gen government must be fierce and fearless."

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Stogner's ad prompted the San Antonio Express-News to rescind its endorsement of her in the GOP primary, calling the ad "disgraceful."

The ad, which shows Stogner wearing a wide-brimmed hat, boots, panties, and pasties over her nipples, had garnered 65,000 views as of Thursday.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Stogner's ad was doing exactly what she intended — bringing attention to her zero-dollar campaign in an often-ignored race for Railroad Commission.

“I’ve been screaming and jumping up and down about very important things that are technically complicated and kind of scary.” Stogner said. “But now that I’ve got your attention, you know, let’s talk about them.”

“Why do we get so upset as a state as a nation, whatever, about sex?” Stogner added. "Let’s get angry about stuff that doesn’t have to do with love. Let’s get angry about pollution and lying and stealing and evil.”

Stogner called the Express-News' decision to rescind its endorsement a "knee-jerk reaction." She also said she is a victim of sexism. Texas Monthly pointed out that the Express-News has not rescinded its endorsement of another GOP candidate who recently called for civil war on social media.

"When you have boobs, you get held to different standards," Stogner told the magazine.

Stogner is one of three GOP candidates challenging Republican incumbent Wayne Christian in the primary. Christian is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal, while another Republican challenger recently died in a car crash. The winner of the GOP primary will face Democrat Luke Warford.

Watch the ad as well as a report from below San Antonio's NBC affiliate below.