Trump-loving 'prophet' says Biden's 'serpent' eyes prove he's being possessed by a demon
Screen cap / YouTube

A self-proclaimed "prophet" who has been falsely predicting for months that former President Donald Trump would be sent back to the White House on God's orders soon is now claiming that President Joe Biden suffers from demonic possession.

In a video flagged by Right Wing Watch, purported "prophet" Robin Bullock told his followers this week that Biden really did lose the 2020 election, despite the fact that he won it by more than 7 million votes in the popular vote and by 74 votes in the electoral college.

"He lost big," Bullock falsely claimed. "He lost enough to be ashamed."

He then claimed that he had a photo of Biden showing that his eye pupils were thin slits like those of a serpent.

"His eyes at that moment... if you'll look at the eyes, you'll notice they're serpent's pupils, their slotted pupils," he said. "Now, other times, they're not like that. But at times it shows a slotted, serpent's eye!"

He then said that Biden's eyes resembled those of a serpents because Satan was reaching out through him to offer Americans forbidden "woke" knowledge.

Watch the video below.