Alleged Proud Boys hit with pepper spray while storming bar that planned all ages drag show

After a bar in Woodland, California, canceled a "Drag Queen Happy Hour" event due to what they said were threats of violence, video emerged showing a confrontation outside the bar, ABC10 reports.

The all-ages event was intended to mark the ending of Pride month, but organizers say they were worried about the right-wing group Proud Boys disrupting the event.

ABC10's Luke Cleary shared video of the confrontation, showing the "alleged Proud Boys" approaching the bar asking, "How many kids are in there?" Then, someone from inside the bar lets off a volley of pepper spray, causing the men and even the police officers on scene to retreat.

"Pedophile motherf***ers," one person yells after being shot with pepper spray.

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The men wouldn't identify to ABC10 what group they were affiliated with, but Woodland Police described them as an "organized group" but have not identified them.

Watch the video below: