Children forced to flee for safety after armed man draws gun at Drag Queen Story Hour

Children were forced to flee over the weekend after a man wearing a Proud Boys shirt pulled out a gun at a Drag Queen Story Hour that was taking place at a library in Sparks, Nevada.

Local news station MyNews4 reports that said that the incident took place during an organized Proud Boys demonstration against the event, which they have falsely claimed is about "grooming" children for sexual abuse.

As the demonstration was winding down, a demonstrator pulled out a gun and approached the library, which MyNews4 says forced "everyone, including children, to run into the library for safety."

The Sparks Police Department was reportedly monitoring the Proud Boys protest "from a distance" as it was taking place, but they had left by the time the gun-toting man approached the library.

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The Proud Boys are a far-right gang that has been increasingly showing up at Drag Queen Story Hour events across the country in apparent attempts to intimidate organizers. The group was also instrumental in the January 6 riots at the United States Capitol building, and several of the group's leaders have since been indicted on seditious conspiracy charges.

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