Right-wing militias will succeed with their next coup attempt after learning their lessons from Jan. 6: extremism expert
Proud Boy - (Photo by John Rudoff for AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Katie Phang Show" early Sunday morning, extremism analyst Kristopher Goldsmith claimed that far-right militia groups like the Proud Boys are paying close attention to House select committee hearings on Jan 6th insurrection and taking notes on what not to do the next time they are given a chance.

Speaking with host Phang, Goldsmith said, that for far-right extremists, Jan 6th was a learning experience and the lessons they took away from that day will help them in the future.

"You are very plugged into this world of extremism," host Phang began. "How have members have this group reacted to the January 6th hearings? How will it affect their tactics moving forward?"

"To be frank, they are not reacting, it's like the hearings are not happening," he replied. "Right now, organizations like the Proud Boys are securing seats on the Republican Executive Committee in Miami; this is where Jeb Bush grew his base of power years ago. Now over half a dozen members or former members of the Proud Boys are on the Republican Executive Committee in Miami - Dade."

"We are looking at an evolution of the fascist wing of the far-right extremist Republican Party that is not afraid of law enforcement," he continued. "I mean they learned their lesson, don't fail at a coup and the next time they are going to be successful. And it's going to be because they have people in power who aren't just afraid of them but are truly on their team."

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