Proud Boys candidate to run for school board in Sacramento County after being ousted by local GOP
Members of the Proud Boys march in Manhattan against vaccine mandates in New York City (AFP)

The Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday that Proud Boys member Jeffrey Erik Perrine plans to challenge Michael McKibbin's seat on the San Juan Unified School District Board of Education in the November election.

Perrine, who was ousted from the local Republican Party last year, is running on a platform of anti-critical race theory, blocking COVID-19 measures, banning any support for LGBTQ youth and fighting back against what he calls "Marxism." He also opposes any displays meant to help students who don't speak English.

“We need for someone to not allow the craziness; it’s disgusting,” he said. “There are a lot of parents who are completely against where we have gone. It doesn’t matter where they on the (political) spectrum. It’s to go to school, to learn be good human beings.”

His link to the Proud Boys dates back to 2018, when he spoke at a Portland, Oregon event saying “all the illegals trying to jump over our border, we should be smashing their heads into the concrete.”

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The local Republican Party is supposed to have their endorsement meeting this week, but Perrine isn't wanted.

“For good reason we have not invited Mr. Perrine,” said Betsy Mahan, chair of the Sacramento County Republican Party. “We had a history with him that has not been a positive one. He has a history of interacting with school boards in an aggressive way that has not been productive. We are just very pleased to have a candidate who can represent teachers and parents who want to put kids first.”

The Proud Boys militia was part of the Jan. 6 attack and many men from the group are still in jail awaiting sentencing. Donald Trump infamously told them to "stand back, and stand by" when asked to denounce them. It not only was put on t-shirts for the group but it became a rallying cry. They were also part of the "Unite the Right" rally, which ended in the death of one anti-extremism protester.

“Mr. Perrine has the right to run and the voters in area five will elect the candidate best suited to represent their community,” explained San Juan Unified Trustee Zima Creason. "However, as a mom and the only SJUSD school board member with a child attending a district school, I don’t want this individual anywhere near my child or district policy.”

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This isn't his first election, he's been seeking office for the past two years, running for a California Assembly position where he garnered about 5.6 percent of the vote.

“I figured I could utilize the name recognition, and the same people will vote for me in November (for school board),” Perrine explained.