CNN's Clarissa Ward slams Putin for desecrating 'revered Holocaust memorial' while pretending to fight Nazis
Vladimir Putin (Shutterstock)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," international correspondent Clarissa Ward reported on Russian forces desecrating the Babi Yar, a Holocaust memorial site — and the contrast with Putin's ongoing propaganda that he is trying to purge Ukraine of "neo-Nazis."

"It has been a pretty intense evening," said Ward. "Earlier on, we heard three large explosions coming from the northeast of the city. Before that several hours earlier, we heard a massive explosion. That, we now know, was the hit on Kyiv's TV tower. We're hearing from Ukrainian authorities that five people were killed in that attack, and it struck just next to the Holocaust memorial, the site of one of the worst Nazi massacres, the largest mass grave as a result of World War II."

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She then connected this development to the false claims being made by the Russian government that it is running a "de-Nazification" operation in the country.

"The irony, of course, when you hear from Ukraine's chief rabbi and others in the Jewish community here, that Putin has twisted history in order to justify this illegal invasion, claiming that he's taking out neo-Nazis, and yet what he's actually doing is hitting a sort of revered Holocaust memorial site," added Ward.

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Clarissa Ward reports on Russian forces striking Holocaust memorial