WATCH: Former QAnon believer warns conspiracy theorists will turn violent because they think they're battling Satan
Qanon believers at a rally. (Screenshot)

A former believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory on Tuesday warned CNN's John Berman that the Trump-loving conspiracy theorists could soon turn violent because they believe they are literally battling against Satan.

Specifically, wayward Q devotee Jitarth Jadeja said he wasn't surprised by an FBI report warning about the potential for QAnon followers to take direct action to stop what they falsely believe is a global Satanic pedophile conspiracy.

"If you think about it, their battle in their mind, the nature of this crisis, is existential for them," he explained. "It's not a battle between authoritarian and libertarian, between left and right, between nation states. It's a battle between God and the devil. Literally, it's a battle for their souls, for their children's souls."

Berman expressed astonishment that Jadeja ever could have also believed that God was using former President Donald Trump to bring down a cabal of Satan worshippers who harvest children for adrenochrome.

"How can you believe that?" he asked.

"It's a strange thing because sometimes I ask myself the same thing," Jadeja replied. "You start with some small thing and end with another, then ends with another, and then you're all the way down the rabbit hole and you have no idea what to believe and what not to believe. So you want to believe that you're on the right side."

Watch the video below.

Ex-believer warns conspiracy theorists will turn violent because they think they're fighting Satan