QAnon followers return to Dealey Plaza four days after JFK Jr. failed to materialize
QAnon supporters (Shutterstock)

QAnon supporters returned to Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Saturday — four days after they first gathered expecting John F. Kennedy Jr. to rise from the dead.

"Despite JFK Jr. failing to materialize at Dealey Plaza and the Rolling Stones concert on Tuesday, QAnon-pilled JFK Jr. Truthers are STILL gathering in Dallas. Today, they're making the shape of a Q at Dealey Plaza," journalist Steven Monacelli reported Saturday.

Monacelli posted an image of the "Q" attendees formed, taken from the right-wing social media app Telegram.

"UPDATE: the situation with JFK Jr. Truthers at Dealey Plaza has, believe it or not, taken an even more bizarre turn," Monacelli wrote later. "They've now gathered into a single line and are one by one approaching a man with a bird on his shoulder who appears to be giving them individual directions."

QAnon followers first gathered at the site of president John F. Kennedy's assassination on Tuesday, reportedly expecting a speech from his son, who died in a plane crash 22 years ago. Some wore T-shirts suggesting that JFK Jr. would become former president Donald Trump's running mate in 2024.

Later, some QAnon followers surmised that Keith Richards was in fact JFK Jr. in disguise when they attended a Rolling Stones concert at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

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