QAnon followers believed leader's decree that utilities are free — now their power is being shut off
A person wears a QAnon sweatshirt during a pro- Donald Trump rally on Oct. 3, 2020, in the borough of Staten Island in New York City. - Stephanie Keith/Getty Images North America/TNS

A QAnon influencer who has also declared herself the "Queen of Canada" has advised her followers that paying for utilities is optional, with predictably disastrous consequences.

The trouble started when QAnon leader Romana Didulo decreed that her followers should stop paying for water, gas, property tax and credit card bills, while also pressuring other followers who are still paying their bills, reported Vice.

“The more who do it, the quicker we can be free of enslavement,” said one follower on the group’s Telegram channels. “Those still living in fear are making it harder to get out. Don’t be afraid, because we’re in this together.”

Didulo told her followers that electricity was free, and several have appeared to be surprised their service was shut off due to nonpayment.

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“I stopped (paying) Hydro three months ago," one follower posted. "I got phone reminders, a reminder by mail and an actual person called my husband. He does not follow QR and he was not pleased. Told me to pay the hydro bill. I want to help collapse the government not my marriage so I paid.”

Didulo, who's currently on a crowd-funded tour of Canada by RV, has issued several "royal decrees" on her Telegram page claiming that income taxes are abolished, electricity is free, and water bills are illegal, while another proclamation declares that the cost of housing and propane have returned to their 1955 levels.

"A couple of times a week you see somebody who is posting about something like, 'Please help me, my utilities are going to get cut off,' or something along those lines where they're experiencing some type of negative consequences from attempting to follow her decrees,” said extremist researcher Christine Sarteschi. “It looks like the (bill payment) decree is the one I see mentioned the most in terms of people being harmed."

Some followers have grown disillusioned with Didulo over the utility bill scheme, but others remain committed despite the risks.

“Is some help coming soon?” one follower posted in early May. “The warning to stock up and telling us not to pay utilities etc is really difficult. I’m scared I am going to get cut off and won’t have money to reconnect!”

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