FBI found bear-spray stains at QAnon-obsessed Capitol rioter's home after canister exploded in powder room
Kelly O'Brien is shown at her Washington hotel, left, and inside the Capitol in the white coat that was later destroyed by a can of bear spray.

An alleged Jan. 6 insurrectionist was arrested last month after FBI agents discovered orange stains at her home – from a can of bear spray that exploded in a powder room after she returned from the Capitol.

QAnon adherent Kelly McFadden O'Brien of Pennsylvania was arrested Aug. 18, but details of her case against her weren't made public until this week, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Friday.

According to court documents, the FBI executed a search warrant at O'Brien's home in the Lehigh Valley region on March 30.

"During the search, O'Brien's husband advised that the white winter coat O'Brien was wearing on January 6, 2021 was hung in the main floor powder room with her purse, which contained a canister of bear spray/pepper spray," the documents state. "Apparently after January 6, 2021, the bear spray went off, contaminating the powder room and lower level of the house. The pepper oil of the spray was all over the walls in the powder room and ruined the white coat. O'Brien then threw the white coat away, and her husband repainted the powder room. An inspection of the powder room revealed orange stains on the window shade and door jam, confirming O'Brien's husband's recollection of the incident."

O'Brien was arrested after the FBI obtained obtained security footage showing her entering the Capitol building and obtained a warrant to review material she'd posted to Facebook and later deleted from the site, the Inquirer reported.

"Please disregard/delete any video I previously shared from the capital [sic]," O'Brien wrote on Jan. 7. "I make no claim. I shared it only."

"Had to scrub my page, for obvious reasons," she added.

An anonymous tipster provided the FBI with screenshots of O'Brien's posts.

During a live-stream from the steps of the Capitol, O'Brien stood near QAnon shaman Jacob Anthony Chansley and said: "We're getting gassed and rubber bullets. We're under the Joe fake Biden inaugural steps that he was supposed to be the fake president in."

She later wrote on Facebook: "I'm out. I'm safe. Someone may have trashed a certain speaker of the house's office. But I will never tell who."

According to the Inquirer, "Dozens of other posts and communications detailed in court filings chart her boasts of her 'well-stocked' family armory, her admiration for militant right-wing extremist groups like the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters, and her roller-coaster, postelection emotional journey."

After former president Donald Trump conceded that he would not serve a second term on Jan. 7, O'Brien called it a "false flag."

"He's in Texas. Green Screen. He didn't just concede. Never said Bidens (sic) name. Don't panic," she wrote to a friend, adding that "everything is happening according to Q plan."

O'Brien faces charges of entering a restricted area, disruption of Congress and disorderly conduct. She was released on $250,000 bail.