Family describes woman’s journey from ‘natural remedies’ to QAnon cult
A surge in child trafficking misinformation pushed by QAnon conspiracy theorists is stirring public panic. (AFP)

A Delaware woman is among the dozens of QAnon cultists who have spent more than a month in Dallas awaiting the return of John F. Kennedy and his late son.

Family members say the woman traveled to Texas and joined hundreds of fellow conspiracy theorists drawn there by Michael Protzman, a Washington state business owner who spreads baseless conspiracies on his Telegram channel, and she's among the fringe group who've remained there, reported the Dallas Observer.

“Overall, we want you home,” said her son, Sean Leek. “Basically your family loves you and when you’re ready to come back we’re here for you.”

Her brother Bill Leak, a former Marine Corps colonel with high-level security clearance, said he's explained that he knows for certain that QAnon's core tenets are completely false, but she kept going deeper into the conspiratorial cult.

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“I’m the brother of someone who has fallen for lies and disinformation that not only hurt her, but hurts the country as well," Bill said, "and it will eventually hurt other people and other families unless we get a handle on it."

Her son said his mother has been obsessed with conspiracy theories since he moved back to her town in 2018.

"She’s always been into, you know, natural remedies, getting aluminum out of deodorant, things like that,” he recalled. “But that led to anti-vaxxing, and anti-vaxxing led to QAnon."

Another son, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his own children, said he doesn't think he can trust his mother anymore, but the family doesn't blame Protzman for the loss.

"If it’s not Protzman, then it’ll be someone else in a couple years,” Bill Leek said, but he still wants to see the cult leader held accountable. “We need to get this snake to crawl back under the rock from which he slithered out from."

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