'Things are all on fire over there': QAnon cultists tear each other apart over Lin Wood and Mike Flynn feud
Michael Flynn appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Some of Donald Trump's extremist allies are tearing each other apart in a MAGA civil war that's spreading throughout the QAnon conspiracy world.

Right-wing attorney Lin Wood has turned on fellow attorney Sidney Powell and former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne, and set them against one another by releasing a recording of Byrne trashing Powell, and he released a recording of Michael Flynn disavowing QAnon as a CIA-backed plot, reported The Daily Beast.

“There has been a good amount of infighting and backstabbing recently, stuff that amounts to very high-school-style drama,” said Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer on the "Fever Dreams" podcasts he co-hosts.

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“QAnon’s been very good to Michael Flynn,” Sommer added. “Some of them believe he’s Q… I mean this is a guy who is thick as thieves with QAnon. But privately, [he calls it] a ‘CIA operation. It’s nonsense.’ So this is a pretty big break from what he does publicly.”

Conspiracists are choosing sides between Wood and Flynn and sniping at one another on Telegram and other right-wing social media platforms.

“This has basically started a big civil war," Sommer said, "including, I should say, the JFK Jr. people in Dallas. So they’ve all sided with Lin. Michael Flynn, obviously, has his own adherents — but this has really, like, started a lot of drama."

“They’re calling it a civil war but maybe it’s more like a prison riot," Sommer added. "This has also set off a lot of people who have beefs with people on the other side, but that are totally unrelated to this. But now they’re seeing this as their opportunity to settle scores with their rivals… things are all on fire over there.”

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