QAnon member twists herself into knots trying to explain her conspiracies to media pranksters
Group of women in Trump merchandise waving QAnon Flag during a pro-Trump rally

The group "The Good Liars" appeared on MSNBC Sunday to show the latest interviews they did with supporters of former President Donald Trump and QAnon followers.

One woman the group spoke with explained that antifa was the one behind the Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

"Wouldn't we find out that all the people who were there were antifa? They've all said they were Trump supporters, the people who arrested," said comedian Jason Selvig of The Good Liars.

"No, I think the ones that were arrested were because they were there — are the ones that need to be released and the antifa guys need to be in there," the woman said.

"How come though we haven't found out that the people who identify as antifa aren't in jail? They all seem to be Trump supporters," Selvig explained.

"It's all cover-up. It's all a cover-up. I'm sorry, I just — I can't say for sure who's who, Okay? And who's — what side they were on, but I'm telling you it was all set up," the woman explained.

Selvig went on to explain that many of the people spinning the conspiracies are those who say they "do their own research."

"And it always goes like that to your own research crowd at least informed," he said. "Some of the people I talked to, I asked when they said they did their own research if that meant they were looking up newspaper articles or academic reports or something like that. The answer is no. It's mostly Telegram, Truth Social, where I guess you go to find the truth. But you get these head spin and conspiracy theories that, if you think about it for a couple minutes, they don't make sense. How come, if antifa were the ones storming the Capitol, how come none of them are in jail right now? How come there hasn't been any report of these Antifa members as the ones that cause this whole thing? Basically, they are saying that things go so deep that you couldn't possibly imagine."

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People like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have advocated for those in the Washington D.C. jail to be released. It's unclear if those QAnon folks believe that those in the jail are actually antifa or if they believe Greene and Gohmert that they're Trump supporters.

See the interview below or at this link:

Q member twists herself in knots trying to explain her conspiracies to the