'QAnon freaks and lunatic fringe': Morning Joe panel goes off on 'crazy' Republicans
Composite image of Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Louie Gohmert, and Rep. Jim Jordan. (Photos by Gage Skidmore)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and "Morning Joe" regulars Donny Deutsch and Michael Steele criticized the modern Republican Party on Friday after a week of scandals and infighting, with host Scarborough blurting out, "These people are crazy."

Jumping right into his review of the week, Scarborough explained to his panel, "If I were on the campaign trail, I'd say Republicans are a party of crooks and liars. I'd say this is the party that is working day in and day out, especially in the House, with people that talk about Jewish lasers in California. That talk about Italian dudes using lasers to rig elections. Who talk about bamboo in ballots, that the Chinese are putting bamboo in ballots."

"They're QAnon freaks," Scarborough ranted. "You have [House Minority Leader] Kevin [McCarthy] lying again about January 6th. You've got other members now lying for Kevin; rational members in normal circumstances lying for Kevin, going, 'Oh, it is very obvious, the tape, it was rigged.' You have, in Georgia, Brian Kemp, the Republican who was number one on Donald Trump's enemy list -- he hated him so much he said he'd support Stacey Abrams -- Kemp is humiliating his conspiracy opponent, David Perdue, right now, his pro-trump opponent."

"These people are out of their mind, they are crazy, they are kooks and conspiracy theorists," he continued. "Just like [Marine] Le Pen in France, they're dangerous. You don't want them in charge, even if you agree with them on some issues. Even if the other side is arrogant like [Emmanuel] Macron, these people are crazy. You don't want them running Congress."

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"Yeah," Deutsche jumped in. "Whether they're the party of knuckleheads, party of weirdos or freaks, that is a simple, simple message. Underneath that, it is the party of nothing. They're not offering anything. All they're offering is this obscene, ridiculous, half-baked, lunatic fringe platform. If I said to you, amidst all of this, give me one policy, economic, financial, one policy as far as international relations that they stand for -- they stand for nothing."

"There are eight or nine really, really important primaries happening, where you have a lot of Trump-backed candidates," he elaborated. "A lot of swing states in Ohio, in Pennsylvania, in Idaho -- it's not a swing state -- but about eight or nine states we're really going to see how people feel about Republicans. I think we'll have an early take on that. But I agree with you, Joe. Whatever adjective you want to use, whatever loony, fringe attitude you use, to make people afraid, this is not only the party of nuts but the party of no."

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