Dozens of QAnon accounts are being white-listed on Trump's Truth Social
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There is a concern that Donald Trump's social media site could go dark as a hosting bill of over $1 million has gone unpaid. Meanwhile, dozens of QAnon accounts are being allowed to organize on the site, reported Gizmodo.

Trump has refused to disavow QAnon in the past. When asked whether he agreed their conspiracy theories were "cray" or "untrue," he replied, “I don’t know about QAnon.” Months later, speaking with the U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other aides, and saying that the group "basically believes in good government."

Now they're being welcomed into Trump's personal social media site, where they can organize their conspiracy theories.

"Researchers with media watchdog group NewsGuard reported Monday that there were 88 users with more than 10,000 followers regularly posting QAnon nonsense," said the report. "More than half of those accounts were “verified,” similar to Twitter’s own verification system. More than that, former President Donald Trump actively platformed 30 of these accounts a total of 54 times in the few months since he came onto the platform earlier this year."

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They also noticed that "pariah" CEO Devin Nunes and former White House adviser Kash Patel both tag QAnon's account which has 214,000 followers. The billion-dollar investor of the site, Patrick Orlando, also likes to repost the QAnon slogan, “WWG1WGA,” or “Where we go one, we go all.”

Earlier this spring, Trump reposted a QAnon post that suggested a "civil war" was coming. He also reposted a quote from John F. Kennedy, which the QAnon world is obsessed with. They believe that JFK Jr. will come back to life and run on a ticket with Trump in 2024.

Read the full report at Gizmodo.

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