‘We’re not racist’: Texas restaurant defends sign banning 'durags,' 'wave caps' and sagging pants

A San Antonio restaurant is denying allegations of racism after putting up a sign saying, "No saggin of pants or shorts. No durags or wave caps allowed."

Kimiya Factory, a local activist who serves as executive director of Black Freedom Factory, tweeted a photo of the sign outside Bentley's Beer Garden earlier this month.

"Looking for a Racist Bar to attend in San Antonio? Bentleys Beer Garden got it covered," Factory wrote. "Discriminating against Black Hair Products/styles. It’s the anti-blackness for me. #Texas101"

Factory said she wanted to share the image because the establishment's policy "targets specific dress styles commonly associated with Black culture," according to the San Antonio Express-News.

“Bars are places that people should be able to go to enjoy themselves and unwind,” Factory said. “This kind of sign further marginalizes its patrons that enter that bar and are seeking a safe experience from racism.”

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Despite Factory's allegation, Bentley's Beer Garden has no plans to take down the sign or change its dress code, according to manager E.J. Rodriguez

“We’re not racist by any stretch of the imagination, we just don’t want that at our bars,” Rodriguez told the newspaper, adding that he wears wave caps and durags, but they are meant to be worn at night.

“They’re not made to come out to the club or to wear in public,” he said, adding that the sign acts as a deterrent. “They don’t come into our bar because it’s just unacceptable in society today. Period."