Black man seen bleeding from the face after slur-spewing mob attacks him in California: report

According to a report in the Times Standard, police in Eureka, California are seeking help finding the person who filmed a group of white people attacking a Black man on July 4 while spewing racist slurs at him.

The report states that police have a copy of the video -- which has since been made private on YouTube -- and are now asking for witnesses to come forward about the attack, which reportedly left the victim bleeding from the head after being hit with a bottle.

According to the Times Standard's Sonia Waraich, "The edited video shows the Black man, who hasn’t been identified, standing between two cars, one turning out of an alley onto traffic-jammed D Street in Old Town. A young white man approaches him and appears to say the n-word. When the Black man asks if he just called him the n-word, the white man says 'don’t act like one,'" before adding that a white woman then joined the fray, yelling at the Black man.

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"The video then cuts to the white man who allegedly said the n-word hitting the Black man, with at least one other person joining in, as the white woman from before yells repeatedly to get away from her car. [Eureka Police Capt. Brian] Stephens is seen approaching everyone and the assaulted man, who is bleeding from the face and emotional, points to one of the individuals from the car, saying he hit him with a bottle," the report continued.

In a statement, Stephens said that, since becoming aware of the video, investigators plan to speak with some of them again.

"Obviously this video now sheds a different light on some of their statements and we’ll be re-interviewing people. And at the end of this, if we can conclude and identify who was involved in the assault and how it happened, then the appropriate criminal charges will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review and the issuance of a warrant, " he said in a statement.