Slur-spewing Georgia frat bros broke Black student's nose and ripped out his dreadlocks: complaint
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

Jalique Rosemond, a student at Kennesaw State University just outside Atlanta, alleges he was terrorized by two fraternity brothers in a racist attack that left him badly hurt, according to WSB-TV on Wednesday.

"Rosemond said his attackers beat him, called him racist names and threw his backpack and sandwich into a tree," said the report. "Rosemond said he believes the attack was about nothing but his skin color ... Rosemond’s roommate showed Jones video of part of the attack, which was captured on a surveillance camera. He said he parked and was headed to his apartment when the two men beat and stomped him before ripping his dreadlocks off."

“This was just nothing but a hate crime towards me,” Rosemond told WSB-TV, adding that, “They’re referring to me as ‘boy.’ They’re calling me Black. They’re calling me [the n-word].”

According to the report, police have already begun investigating. One of the men accused of perpetrating the attack "claimed Rosemond drove recklessly through the parking lot and almost hit him and his frat brother, so they attacked him." Rosemond vehemently denies this, saying, “What sparked all of this ... is nothing but hatred. Cause I didn’t do anything. All I did was pull up into my home.”

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As of press time, police are still looking into the incident and there have not been any arrests reported.

Racially-motivated assaults have gained national attention around the country. In another incident last September, a Florida man screamed racial slurs at a Black retired historian and threatened to run him down with his car.