Shocking video shows unhinged Uber driver screaming racial slurs at Black family and refusing to let them out of car
South Carolina Uber driver. (WCBD/TikTok)

On Tuesday, local news outlet WCBD reported that an Uber driver in South Carolina is facing a lawsuit after he allegedly shouted racial slurs at a Black mother and daughter he was transporting, and refused to let them out of the car while driving erratically.

"Jovene Milligan and her daughter were driving from Atlanta to Charleston when their car broke down in Aiken. They had to Uber from Aiken to Charleston, and were berated by the driver during the trip," reported Riley Benson. "In several videos sent to News 2, the driver can be heard screaming racial slurs while driving erratically, at times with no hands on the wheel ... Milligan says that the driver wouldn't let them out of the car, and at times, she didn't know if they'd survive."

According to Milligan, "It got very scary, to the point where I didn't know whether we'd have to protect ourselves ... I was constantly monitoring his GPS to make sure we were still in route even though he wouldn't let us out."

The lawsuit, filed in California, targets both the driver and Uber itself, seeking for the company to adopt guidelines on verbal safety protocols for passengers. Uber, which has experienced a number of highly-publicized safety incidents for both its passengers and drivers, has not offered comment yet.

Watch the report below: