Georgia trainer spewed racial slurs and made lynching threats against Black woman: video
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An athletic trainer from Georgia was caught on video in a series of racist rants, including repeated use of the N-word and lynching threats against a Black woman, reported WMAZ on Wednesday.

"Videos posted on social media show Mark Taylor making racist remarks," reported Ashlynn Webb. "Those videos have now gone viral with thousands of shares. 'Ain't seen a white person in sight. Homeless ones on the street. Every restaurant looking in here is Black. Every car beside me is Black. They can have Atlanta,' Taylor said."

"That comment is just one of the 'milder' racist remarks that Mark Taylor said on camera," said the report. "Videos show Taylor making racist slurs toward a Black woman driving in downtown Atlanta and saying someone named 'Ro' would hang the woman from a tree. They show him using the N-word several times."

Taylor, a former teacher from Northside Middle Schoool who offers training to children over 8 in athletics including football, basketball, and track, has gotten into legal trouble before. According to the report, he pleaded guilty to influencing a witness in 2007, has been accused of stalking and harassment of his former fiancée, and was banished from Houston County altogether.

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"He shouldn't be around kids," said local parent Karen Buckman, who along with many former students and coaches is calling him out. "He shouldn't have a privilege of being around a coach to any athlete. Our parents need to know what they're walking into."

Young athletes of the sort Taylor trained routinely have to deal with racism themselves; numerous reports abound in recent years of spectators hurling racist abuse at school basketball players.

Watch the video below or at this link.

Houston County trainer criticized for racist remarks in viral leaked videos