'You people' always steal: California Walmart associate caught in slur-spewing tirade
Image: Walmart cart (Shutterstock.com)

On Monday, ABC7 News reported that a Walmart associate in Moreno Valley, California was caught on film in a racist, slur-spewing tirade against a Black customer.

The incident occurred last Wednesday, on the eve of Thanksgiving.

"The customer, who did not wish to be publicly identified, said it all started when the worker asked to check his receipt before he left the store the day before Thanksgiving," said the report. "As he tried to get the receipt, he claims the worker tried blocking him, saying 'You people always trying to steal.' The worker then allegedly started taking items from his cart."

The customer, who declined to be identified by name, then says he demanded to speak to a manager and filed an incident report after he and the employee got in a struggle over the items in the cart.

"I was like 'what are you doing?'... I chased him down, said give me my item and I took the item back from him and then he went to my cart and took the other items out of my cart," he said. "So basically we're fighting over the items... and then I said 'Just give me a manager. Give me a manager'."

Walmart has been at the heart of some other racial incidents in the past. Last year, the retail giant apologized after some people received sign-up emails containing the N-word, which they said was the result of an "external bad actor."

Watch below or at this link.