WATCH: White woman accuses Black neighbor of 'dealing drugs' as she delivers hair care products to a customer

In a video posted to Twitter by @crazykarens -- originally posted on TikTok -- an unidentified white woman accused one of her Black neighbors of "dealing drugs" as she was in the process of delivering hair care products to a customer waiting in the car -- who filmed the whole exchange.

In the video the white woman can initially be seen telling the Black woman straddling her bike with the hair care products plainly in sight in the basket, "I'm just giving you a heads up."

After being shown the items in the basket, she continued to complain, asking why the Black woman, who is doing curbside service, why she can't do it from her home before insisting that other neighbors are complaining about "the girl dealing drugs."

After being told the delivery is "just a pick-up, " the white woman shoots back, "It look like a drug deal," to which she is told, "I don't care what it looks like, call the police."

After the delivery is completed she continues to harangue the Black woman.

Watch below: