Irate Santa Barbara woman goes viral after demanding Black man do some 'African American fishing'
Unidentified Santa Barbara woman. (YouTube/Screengrab)

A video recently posted online shows a California woman having a racist public meltdown at the Boathouse Restaurant at Hendry's Beach.

"The video shows a local woman arguing with an employee of the Boathouse at its entrance near the walkway to the public beach, seemingly over an unpaid bill. Soleimani starts filming as the interaction gets more heated. The woman then turns to him and begins a slew of racist rants," local news site Ed Hat reports.

The video shows the woman confronting the man filming.

"Again, what are you doing?" she asks.

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"Taking a video of this," he replied.

"Are you sending it to the FBI after this?" she asked. "I might go psychotic pretty soon, I'm probably going to — I'm probably going to get very violent pretty soon, I'm glad you're here."

"Cool," he replied. "Keep going."

And she did.

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"Don't you have some fish to catch, African-American man? Don't you want to go on the boat and do some African-American fishing?" she asked the man filming.

She then predicted the video would go viral.

Ian Soleimani, who recorded the video, told The Daily Dot that he has encountered racist incidents before.

“People have been kicked out of boathouse a few times for [racially] motivated comments towards myself unfortunately," he said. "After experiencing stuff like that on and off for as long as that restaurant has been open, just doesn’t surprise me. Just learned how to deal with it better."

"Lived here since 2003 and this happens all the time. This person just got caught. People think this doesn’t exist let alone here and it certainly does."

Watch video below or at this link.

Santa Barbara Woman Berates Restaurant Employee and Customer in Racist Attack