Dem says the best thing about Pelosi was that she knew how to deal with an 'insecure boy' like Donald Trump
Nancy Pelosi (Image via Gage Skidmore.)

WASHINGTON — One of the many frustrations that President Donald Trump had over his presidency was constantly being bested by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the Democrats took over Congress. Speaking about her departure from the Democratic leadership, colleague Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA) said that one of the best things about Pelosi is that she knew how to handle someone like Trump.

Speaking to Raw Story, Bera described Pelosi as "strong" both in leadership and as an individual member.

"She knows every one of our districts and every one of our races," he said, noting that no one works harder.

Calling Trump the "lead clown," Bera said that given that the GOP has taken over the House and they intend to treat it as the next generation of Benghazi hearings, he's grateful that Pelosi will still be around to help with strategy.

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"Sometimes you just ignore him," he said of Trump. "For all his power and bluster he's like the Wizard of Oz. There's this inward, insecure little boy and she understood that. She understood when she had to stand up to him, when she should just give him enough rope and eventually he'd make the noose himself. So, again, it was just this remarkable musician playing a fine instrument, how she handled Trump."

Other Democratic colleagues lined up to give well wishes to the first and only female speaker and to address her departure.