Republican group nails Sen Josh Hawley using interview where he denounces his own election overthrow
Photo by Natureofthought/Wikipedia

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is drawing a lot of attention from Republicans who assumed he was a more respectable official. Hawley announced that he would jockey the overthrow of the 2020 election in a last-minute attempt by the Republican Party to deliver a win for President Donald Trump.

But less than a year ago, Hawley did an interview where he said that protesting the election was absurd. A recent web video from Republicans for the Rule of Law shows the embarrassing contradiction in which Hawley calls an election overthrow attempt "crazy."

"The consequences to the republic for overthrowing a democratic election because you don't like the result -- because you believe that the election was somehow corrupted, when in fact, the evidence shows that it was not. That's an interesting approach. I think it's crazy, frankly," said Hawley in the video.

It's unclear what changed his mind in the last year.

See the video below: