'Fascism and mob rule': MSNBC panelists fear Marjorie Taylor Greene is 'going to get someone killed'
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) delivered a speech at former President Donald Trump's rally over the weekend saying that Democrats are murdering Republicans as part of a long, fact-free rant.

At the same time, Trump attacked Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) over the weekend by saying the Republican Senate leader has a "death wish," while also launching a racist attack against McConnell's "China-loving wife" Elaine Chao.

On MSNBC Monday, host Juanita Tolliver warned that this violent rhetoric could lead to real-world political violence in the near future.

"We shouldn't be surprised, but in a post-Jan. 6th reality, where we know his supporters take him literally, argue in court that he summoned them there to commit violent acts on the Capitol, they could take this literally as well," she said. "Where we see Trump attacking McConnell, that's something that is only going to continue if he is showing people that they have permission to do that. And what's really, really frustrating I think — and that voters are paying attention to, is this juxtaposition of Trump and the Republican Party's making violent rhetoric and racism a part of their Republican Party while you have the juxtaposition with President Biden down in Puerto Rico, providing aid to people in need."

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The Atlantic's Mark Leibovich noted how difficult Trump has made things for Republicans, and he in particular singled out Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) for refusing to address Trump's racist attacks on Chao.

"I don't quite know why he keeps going out there and what he -- I guess there are savvy ways to parry these kinds of questions," he said. "He hasn't solved it yet. You'd think he'd be better prepared. The larger point is Donald Trump is operating like a person who is in a consequence-free environment, which he is in the Republican Party. This is a pet issue of mine, but it's been true for six years now, and he knows he can throw out the most bizarre, counterproductive -- there's no reason for it. It's not going to help anyone win an election — it's not a strategy or work in the service of elevating his own brand. He just does it."

Leibovich explained that if Trump were working for a business he would have been removed by the board for such actions

"What we need to call out here basically is this is fascism. This is mob rule," said Leibovich. "When you connect the death threats we're talking about on one hand with the other fear that the Republican Party is operating under, that is sort of the net result of the whole thing. It's not a party of ideas, it's a party of fear, obedience, and it's a party of whatever this was Rick Scott was trying to say on Sunday shows yesterday, which I don't think was terribly effective."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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