Maddow issues warning about election 'auditor' who won't let people see how his machines work — 'but Trump wins'

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow issued a warning about a right-wing friend of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani who is taking over voting audit attempts in Georgia. The guy has become a kind of cult hero among Trump supporters, including one who wrote a love song about him.

"The reason he has become the folk hero, in the stop the steal community, is Mr. Jovan Pulitzer claims to be the inventor of the kinematic technology," Maddow explained. "Which he could tell you, but he would have to kill you after. Don't worry, he has credentials to back up his claim. This was his invention before that, a handheld bar code scanner in a plastic case that looked like a house cat. He just invented the shape like a cat part of it. Nevertheless, that has been named the 25 worst tech products ever. The number one worst invention of the 2000s. His post experience is that he churns out dozens of books about treasure hunting. Lost treasures that you can find. Even if he does have his own anthem where they call him a warrior, you might think that a guy with the treasure hunter books and cat resume is not a person who has business being around American ballots and they are in high demand from Republicans across the country."

His "secret" technology is now part of the Republican audit in Arizona where they're attempting to uncount President Joe Biden's win.

"The Republican official who has worked for the spokesperson confirmed that Jovan Pulitzer's miracle fraud detector widget, if it exists is being used somehow in Arizona. And the Arizona Mirror noted with restraint, it's unclear whether Mr. Pulitzer's technology has been used on ballots or if anyone confirmed it works — who cares if it works and who would be allowed to test it anyway? The dude said Trump won and his machine will say so, therefore we want that machine."

Hundreds of Trump supporters have descended on the small town of Mindham, New Hampshire demanding that Pulitzer be hired to use his Trump ballot machine to switch the election in that state. So, he did his own audit there that Trump promoted over and over saying that it would change the election.

"And now another third party audit in Fulton County, Georgia, the Trump election fraud conspiracy promoters that have been given access by a court to hundreds of thousands of ballots in the Atlanta area, they too, are bringing Jovan Pulitzer aboard," said Maddow. "They put out a press release saying they are uniting with Jovan Pulitzer and his expert team, 'Jovan is the only expert that understands all details of what is needed in a forensic ballot inspection. His patented technology is unmatched in the country.' We can find the truth about Georgia ballot integrity no matter what that truth may be, because of the cat treasurer hunter anthem guy. His kinematic, artifact detection that you cannot see, it will find the truth out about what happened in the 2020 election."

Maddow closed the segment by warning that because Arizona has been allowed to persist with their absurd claims about bamboo ballots from "Asia" and powdered cheese.

"If you look at the way they are talking about this stuff in Trump World, they really going to do them all over the country where pro-Tump Republicans can convince someone to give them access to voting machines and real ballots," she explained. It's already happening in Wisconsin, where a Republican official has hired ex-police officers to do their own investigation into possible "voter fraud" nearly seven months after the fact. "They are doing it all over as if elections are theirs now. And ballots are theirs now. It's not a public government function, it's for the Trump people to take over on their own terms and they will tell us what happened. Individual groups of Republicans that object to what is going on. They have been trying to stop this stuff as it's been taking off but they are not, it's not working. So far the individual efforts by individual politicians, officials and small groups of people to try to stop it in the stuff where this stuff took hold, the efforts to stop this thing are not working."

See her opener below:

Trump supporters will never stop trying to change the election