Three Florida Republicans from The Villages face charges of voter fraud: report
Trump supporter arrested after allegedly casting multiple ballots in Florida

On Tuesday, Click Orlando reported that there are now three separate reported cases of Republicans in the Florida retirement community The Villages who have been arrested for fraudulently casting multiple ballots in 2020.

The three suspects have been identified as Jay Ketcik, 63, Joan Halstead, 71, and John Rider, 61. Each of them are accused of casting more than one ballot in the election.

"Ketcik, 63, is accused of voting by mail in Florida in October 2020 while also casting an absentee ballot in his original home state of Michigan, court records show," Click Orlando reported.

"Halstead, 71, voted in-person in Florida but also cast an absentee ballot in New York, prosecutors allege."

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"Ketcik and Halstead turned themselves in to the Sumter County jail on outstanding warrants, court records show."

"Rider, 61, was arrested by Brevard County deputies at the Royal Caribbean cruise ship terminal at Port Canaveral on Dec. 3, according to court records. Details of the accusations against him were not immediately available, but prosecutors indicated he also cast ballots both out-of-state and in Florida."

Who they voted for hasn't been confirmed, but all three were registered Republicans. Previous reporting revealed Halstead was an avid Trump supporter on social media; the day before President Joe Biden's inauguration, she shared a "Trump: Keep America Great!" flag with the caption, "You don't have the balls to share because you're afraid to offend your snowflake friends."

Election fraud is a rare crime that does not generally throw entire election results into doubt. However, as Trump himself spread baseless conspiracy theories about how common and easy it is to cast illegal votes, some of his supporters appear to have tried to do so.

One "voter fraud" case hyped in Nevada where a man complained his dead wife's ballot was cast illegally, was ultimately charged with having done it himself. And in Pennsylvania, another Republican was arrested after trying to cast his dead mother's ballot.