Former Trump spy chief hits back after failed GOP Senate candidate attacks LGBTQ rights
Ambassador Richard Grenell, photo by BM für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

Richard Grenell, who served as former President Donald Trump's ambassador to Germany and then briefly as his acting Director of National Intelligence, is an infamous right-wing Twitter troll who caused international outrage by trying to interfere on behalf of far-right parties in Europe.

However, Grenell does have one other notable distinction: he was the only openly gay man to have served in a high-ranking position in Trump's administration.

As a result, it rubbed Grenell the wrong way on Monday when Lauren Witzke, an unsuccessful GOP nominee for Senate in the 2020 election, attacked a transgender woman who attended the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference as "mentally ill" and "demonic" and comparing acceptance of transgender rights to castrating children, leading to a public argument on Twitter.

Witzke, who ran for the same Delaware Senate seat that was once held by President Joe Biden, has repeatedly promoted QAnon conspiracy theories, described herself as a "flat earther," has claimed that God "anointed" Trump, and claims she was once a drug-runner for "Mexican cartels."