Rick Wilson buries GOP lawmakers for being too scared of Trump's crazy fans to impeach him
Rick Wilson (Screenshot)

Former Republican political strategist Rick Wilson on Wednesday slammed the GOP for lacking the courage to do what they know is right by voting to impeach President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection against Congress last week.

Writing on Twitter, Wilson said that many Republicans were flubbing a vote that would likely be the most important of their careers.

"Too many Republicans on the House floor today will... fail the most important test of their lives," he argued.

What makes this particularly galling, according to Wilson, is that he doesn't even think Trump will be a lasting political force once he's out of office.

"They'll think Trumpism will be unopposed forever, and that somehow, some way Trump will regain control of his Twitter feed," Wilson said. "They'll worry that Fox or Bannon or the rest of the alt-right flotsam media will drag them into a primary."

Wilson acknowledged that Republicans are right to fear violence against them and their families committed by crazed Trump fanatics, but he said that they need to show the same courage others have in the past when faced with such threats.

"The Founders faced execution for merely meeting," he wrote.