'The 1/6 mob is the GOP': Rick Wilson torches establishment Republicans' claims that they're moving beyond Trump
Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol. (Shutterstock.com)

On Tuesday, former Republican strategist Rick Wilson tore into GOP leadership for pretending that they are transitioning to a post-Trump system — and outlining that the party is still very much in the former president's pocket.

"When the gentry Republicans (Mitch, Kevin, Elise, NRO, et al) tell you the party is past Trump and that the glittering future of the GOP is Youngkin or DeSantis or McCormick (ha!), they're either lying to themselves or lying to you," Wilson wrote on Twitter. "Particularly at the state level, this is the future; rigid adherence to a lie not because the candidates believe it (though some certainly do), but because one man controls the GOP from top to bottom."

"The demand that leaders embrace and promise to act to overturn 2020 (even now) and to restrict voting rights across the board (but mostly for Those People) will fundamentally reshape the country," continued Wilson. "Parties lead, mobs demand. The 1/6 mob *is* the GOP, it's just not evenly distributed yet. They demand adherence to the lie."

Data so far appears to support Wilson's claim. A poll last month revealed that 53 percent of Republicans believe Trump is the "true president" and that 56 percent of Republicans believe "illegal voting" delegitimized the 2020 election, which has no evidence behind it.

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And while another poll showed Trump's support declining in the party, 55 percent of Republican respondents said he should remain the leader of the GOP.

Wilson, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, has called on Democratic leaders to hold more public hearings on the January 6 attack.