'Poison for the republic': Rick Wilson scorches 'DC elites' for being too afraid of Trump's violent supporters
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

On Monday, former GOP strategist Rick Wilson took to Twitter to excoriate Beltway pundits and politicians for being too afraid of the fallout from a potential prosecution of former President Donald Trump to be clear-eyed about the scope of his wrongdoing — and the worse consequences of doing nothing.

This comes after the explosive new release of the redacted FBI affidavit, revealing that the former president held highly classified intelligence information, including clandestine human sources information, just in the boxes he returned to the Archives.

"The slow drumbeat of Authoritarian Classic Hits is increasing in tempo as the DC elites and the media fall into the trap. Variations of 'Well, if Trump is indicted and prosecuted we'll have blood in the streets' is an increasingly common trope,'" wrote Wilson. "This accepts the predicates of the authoritarian side; the Dear Leader is above justice. It acknowledges the advantage of a party/movement willing and proven to use political violence to achieve electoral ends. This is poison for the Republic and for democracy. It accepts the false assertion than any arm of government that seeks to hold Trump not to political but *legal* account is inherently corrupt, political, and malevolent."

"The DOJ isn't being 'tested' ... it's doing its job. America, however, is being tested," continued Wilson. "Trump's history of escaping justice is notable and depressing. It's one of his superpowers, and gives his base a sense of invulnerability and gives Republican leaders a case of swooning vapors at the thought of siding with law-and-order."

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Wilson in particular slammed the media for responding to the whole saga with "horserace" coverage, adding, "This isn't just back-and-forth both-sides-have-a-point, folks."

"The danger of his people rising up if he's indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned is far, far less consequential than walking away from justice," concluded Wilson. "If they do rise up to violence, we face a choice; collapse into the long dark or do the hard, correct things to save America from a (not semi) fascist movement. The New Civil War is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet."

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