Republicans want to drag America into an 'alternate universe': Rick Wilson
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Republicans running for president in 2024 are painting a nightmarish view of America, to justify culture wars that will bring the country into a fictional "alternate universe," argued former GOP strategist turned Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson on MSNBC Friday.

This comes amid new reporting about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' bizarre social graces, and skepticism among people close to him that he has the people skills required to connect with voters.

"You can talk about any of these candidates, but all of their presentations are dystopian," said anchor Joy Reid. "They're all saying America is in the toilet, they're all taking up Donald Trump's sort of downing the country and saying that it's awful, and they only are doing social issues and culture wars, none of them have offered a vision that's beyond that. I don't know how any of them would appeal in a general election."

"You know, Joy, that's exactly right," said Wilson. "This is the secret of MAGA: it's dark and paranoid and depressing and pessimistic and weak philosophy. Because they may beat their chests and do the whole monster truck thing, but the reality is they think we're weak. They think our country is bad. They think the things that make this big crazy country work and go forward are wrong. They want to turn the clock back to this imaginary past that never existed in any reality at all. They want to enter some alternate universe."

And the problem for Republicans, Wilson continued, is that that sort of messaging "will never work" on the median voter.

"The average person out there — they're not worried about wokism or whatever the hell it means," said Wilson. "They can't define it, of course. They're not worried about that. They're worried about the economy, their kids' education, their jobs, they're worried about things that matter to their families. And when they see things that threaten their families and hurt their families, because like it or not, Ron DeSantis, there are a lot of gay people in the country, there are a lot of African-American people in the country. You're just banning books, banning books about Rosa Parks and Hank Aaron in Florida schools because you don't like them, or taking out the fact that Rosa Parks was African-American in a school textbook, that's insanity. People will see that. So the darkness and the weirdness all together is going to make him, I think, very off-putting, until, of course, Donald Trump tears his liver out and eats it live on stage."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

Rick Wilson says Republicans want to drag America into an "alternate universe"