Some of the most damning evidence against Trump can be found in MAGA rioters' own legal defenses
(Photo credit: Blink O'fanaye)

Former President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyers insist that their client never incited his followers to commit violence during the United States Capitol riots -- but legal filings filed by accused rioters tell a different story.

The Daily Beast reports that lawyers for accused MAGA rioters have almost uniformly said that their clients were acting at the behest of Trump.

The lawyers for alleged rioters Emanuel Jackson and Andrew Williams, for example, called the January 6th riots an "event inspired by the President of the United States," who pumped up the crowd at a pre-riot rally speech and "encouraged despicable behavior."

The attorney for accused rioter Lisa Eisenhart, meanwhile, argued that his client was incited by the former president's ""incendiary language about the pending doom of the country" when he told them "they should march to the Capitol."

And an attorney representing alleged MAGA rioter Ethan Nordean said that her client was "egged on by Donald Trump, other politicians, his legal advocates, and news media" to storm the Capitol.

While these defenses may not succeed in exculpating the rioters for their actions, they do give fodder to House impeachment managers who have been arguing that the president incited an insurrection against the United States government.