How a former CIA agent screwed over his crew after dying during his conspiracy road show
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New information is coming out on Robert David Steele, the frequent Alex Jones host who claimed NASA operates a child slave colony on Mars, following his death of Covid in August.

"Ex-CIA officer, QAnon acolyte, 9/11 truther, anti-vaxxer, COVID denier, antisemite, and 'Big Lie' proponent Robert David Steele stiffed the production crew working his national 'Arise USA!' roadshow out of some $50,000 when he suddenly claimed he was out of money after blowing enormous sums on luxury coaches and lavish spreads of Champagne, smoked salmon, and brie that he demanded daily, according to Steele’s former tour manager. But collecting is going to be tough: Steele died in August from the very virus he claims was a hoax—which the tour manager, Jon Stensland, believes the 'lying, deceitful conman' caught while out spreading his fringe beliefs," The Daily Beast reports.

Steele claimed he was the first person to call COVID-19 a hoax.

Stensland had harsh words for his deceased boss.

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"Robert Steele and his minions knew they were f*cking over working-class people when they pulled the plug and refused to discuss any sort of buyout or severance on the employment agreement Steele signed,” he said. “For a group of people who claim to be good, family-oriented Christians, they certainly had no problem screwing over the crew that worked day in and out to make their events happen.”

The Beast detailed how the tour wasted money on six luxury tour buses with sleeping quarters and lounges.

"Each bus was wrapped top-to-bottom in Arise USA! advertising featuring Steele’s face flanked by his sidekicks, and Stensland said Steele insisted they were only to be driven during daylight hours so people could see them clearly. However, Stensland said nobody slept on the buses because Steele was paying for hotel rooms at high-end Marriotts every night, completely defeating the purpose of leasing the more expensive sleeper coaches," The Beast reported.

Stensland says Steele "started b*tching about money" in July.

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"On July 20, Steele called a meeting and informed everyone he was cutting the tour short five weeks early due to his dwindling finances. The final event would be held on July 30, said Steele, giving the crew only 10 days to find other gigs. Later that day, Steele changed his mind and told the crew that the following day would be their last," The Beast reported.

The crew was reportedly paid $39,000 less than owed. A GoFundMe effort to raise money for the crew has raised $633.

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