MAGA hat-wearing Capitol rioter now claims he is a Democrat who 'did not care much' for Trump as he faces prison time
Robert Reeder. (Department of Justice photo)

An admitted U.S. Capitol rioter now claims he's a Democrat and not a Donald Trump supporter -- although he was seen wearing a "MAGA" hat and heard chanting "fight for Trump" during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The attorney for Robert Reeder, who pleaded guilty to joining the riot, claims in a new court filing the 55-year-old took a train from Maryland to Washington, D.C., to hear the defeated president speak at a "Stop the Steal" rally because he had "nothing better to do," and made a "spur of the moment decision and regrettable mistake" when he followed the crowd of Trump supporters into the Capitol, reported the Associated Press.

"Mr. Reeder is not politically active, is not and has never been a member of any right-wing or anti-government or extremist group and has, unfortunately, been publicly grouped with many others (whose) views he abhors," wrote defense attorney Robert Bonsib.

The lawyer claims Reeder attended the Trump rally, which had been heavily promoted by right-wing social media accounts, because he thought it might be the last time he would hear the then-president speak.

"He did not care much for President Trump, although he favored some of President Trump's policies and he was not a strong supporter of his Democratic opponent in the election," Bonsib wrote.

Reeder's attorney described him as an "accidental tourist," but prosecutors noted in a court filing Friday that he recorded himself breaching the Capitol twice, recorded video of a police officer's assault and boasted that he "battle(d) the police."

"For the Defendant, these unlawful acts were a source of pride and accomplishment. For the nation, it was a permanent source of shame and sorrow," wrote assistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Rothstein.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan is scheduled to sentence Reeder next week, and prosecutors are recommending a two-month prison term, but the judge may impose up to a six-month maximum.