Roger Stone says he doesn't feel safe in Upper Manhattan: People 'sometimes physically attack me'
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

On Monday, in an article for New York Magazine on a "safe space" café for Republicans on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Shawn McCreesh reported that longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone says he doesn't usually feel safe walking on the street in this part of New York City — because he fears being attacked by liberals.

"A Nixon Republican and Roy Cohn disciple — Nixon lived on Fifth Avenue, and Cohn on East 68th — Stone says he loves New York, but that he hasn't returned to the city since the FBI raided him in 2019," wrote McCreesh. "When he is here, he claims the Upper West Side is no longer safe for him. 'People who don't share my political point of view might verbally and sometimes physically attack me,' he says."

Stone did not provide an example of an instance where he was physically attacked. He also referred to former Trump ally Corey Lewandowski, who was ousted from his role leading a top Trump super PAC after sexual misconduct complaints from a GOP donor, as a "congenital liar and a scumbag."

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Previously, Stone was convicted on obstruction and witness tampering for his role in the Trump-Russia affair. Trump ultimately commuted his sentence and later gave him a full pardon on his way out the door.

But the pardon hasn't been the end of Stone's legal problems. He is currently facing a civil suit from the Justice Department alleging fraud and tax evasion, and the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack have subpoenaed him for information in light of pictures showing him marching with the Oath Keepers on the morning ahead of the incident.

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