Watch: Roger Stone struggles with vodka supply over Ukraine and hatred of drag shows
Republican operative Roger Stone (Facebook)

Longtime GOP dirty trickster and Trump confidante Roger Stone is having difficulty with the politics of alcohol.

On his podcast on Friday, Stone explained he was ditching Stolichnaya after a label announced the company supported Ukraine after it was invaded by Russia.

"That means the people who make Stolichnaya vodka support child sex trafficking, money laundering ... and the arming of actual Nazis on the ground in Ukraine," Stone alleged.

"As for Stolichnaya, I will never drink another sip of their swill," he vowed. "And therefore, I'm going all-American, Titos, made in Austin, Texas, is my new brand."

One day later, Titos was no longer Stone's new brand.

"I decided to switch to American-made Tito's until I learned that they sponsored a drag queen show. Now I have no choice but to use Russian Standard Vodka in my extra dry Martinis," Stone announced.

In 2017, Stone identified as a "trysexual. I've tried everything."

In 2008, Stone took Jeffrey Toobin to the Miami Velvet swinger's club while he was researching a New Yorker profile headlined, "The Dirty Trickster."

"Stone served as a senior consultant to Bob Dole’s 1996 campaign for President, but that assignment ended in a characteristic conflagration. The National Enquirer, in a story headlined 'Top Dole Aide Caught in Group-Sex Ring,' reported that the Stones had apparently run personal ads in a [Florida] magazine called Local Swing Fever and on a Web site that had been set up with Nydia’s credit card. 'Hot, insatiable lady and her handsome body builder husband, experienced swingers, seek similar couples or exceptional muscular . . . single men,' the ad on the Web site stated. The ads sought athletes and military men, while discouraging overweight candidates, and included photographs of the Stones," Toobin reported. "At the time, Stone claimed that he had been set up by a 'very sick individual,' but he was forced to resign from Dole’s campaign. Stone acknowledged to me that the ads were authentic."

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